What the Sushiswap token (SUSHI) is used for

How the SUSHI token works. Sushiswap is a fork of Uniswap with added game theory.

SUSHI token

SUSHI is the governance and utility token of Sushiswap.

SUSHI token is used for

What is Sushiswap?

A decentralized exchange and fork of Uniswap protocol.

How does Sushiswap work?

On Sushiswap users can:

  • Swap tokens
  • Provide liquidity and earn trading fees + Sushi.
  • Stake Sushi for xSushi and earn from trading fees.
  • Trade with Limit orders
  • Lend/borrow with Kashi in Bentobox.

Upcoming use-cases

  • Cross-chain
  • Options
  • Gasless transactions
  • Franchised pools
  • and more.

Sushi is also releasing a new typ of AMM called trident with concentrated liquidity like Uniswap v3 and weighted pools like Balancer.

Read more here and here.

80 SUSHI is created per Ethereum block.

  • 10% to Multisig-controlled devfund.
  • 90% Yield farm


Liquidity providers on Sushiswap


  • Provide liquidity into a pool and earn SUSHI.
  • Earn trading fees in the pool.

Of the 0.3% trading fees:

  • 0.25% goes to the provider and
  • 0.05% is used to buy SUSHI tokens and is shared between xSushi holders.

More in this post.

SUSHI tokenomics

Max supply: 250 000 000

Original issuance when the project launched

  • 100 000 blocks x 1000 SUSHI = 100 000 000 SUSHI
  • 100 000 / 5500 = 18,18
  • The first ~18 days.
  • 100 000 000 SUSHI
  • Then per day
  • 5500 x 100 = 55000 SUSHI / day


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SUSHI price


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