How to sell on Opensea

Sell single NFTs and collections with auctions or fixed-price. How to sell on OpenSea – a simple guide for beginners.

How to sell on Opensea?

To sell on Opensea you need to setup your account. First you need a web3 wallet. The most common browser and mobile wallet is Metamask.

You either need to have an NFT sent to you, create one, or create a collection.

Whenever you sell crypto or NFTs you usually need to pay taxes. We use Koinly as our go-to crypto tax software (affiliate).

Sell on Ethereum

Ethereum is the most popular smart contract blockchain. To sell on Ethereum you need to pay 2 ETH transactions (gas fees) to setup your account.

After initial setup you don’t pay any gas fees until the actual sale.

There are 3 types of listings available:

  1. Auction sell to highest bidder
  2. Fixed-price
  3. Auction sell with declining price

Sellers only pay the gas fee in option 1. If you don’t want to pay any gas fee you can list your NFT as 2 or 3.

sell on opensea

Sell on Polygon

Polygon is a newer and cheaper blockchain. To sell on Polygon you don’t need to pay any transaction fees (gas fee).

Create a single a NFT

  • Press create
  • Add media
  • Add metadata

  • Select blockchain
  • Press create

The NFT is now visible on your Opensea page.

Sell an NFT on Opensea

  • Select the NFT in your wallet.
  • Click Sell.
  • Choose the type of listing and price
  • List it for sale.

Once the NFT is listed you can choose to cancel or in this case lower the price since it’s a fixed-price auction.

Sell a collection on Opensea

  • My collections
  • Create a collection
  • Add metadata

You can add creator earnings. This is a percentage fee you earn everytime an NFT in the collection resells (paid out monthly).

Click create and your collection will show up under My collections.

In the top right you can now Add Items to your collection (create NFTs).

Here you add NFTs one-by-one to your collection. However, if you’re making a collection of 10000 NFTs that can be quite the headache.

If you have a couple of NFTs you don’t want to lose. It’s a good idea to secure them with a Trezor hardware wallet (affiliate).

How can you bulk upload NFTs to a collection?

A way to bulk upload 10 000 NFTs to a collection on Opensea is to use spreadsheets and an automation macro.

  • You add all your NFTs in a folder and name them.
  • Add all the names in a spreadsheet.
  • All properties in another.
  • Descriptions in another.

You do one item upload and the macro (eg. Mini Mouse Macro) records the action.

If you did it right you can now run the macro to have it do the exact same mouse and keyboard clicks until all NFTs are uploaded.

In-depth walkthrough:

Q & A

How do you delete a collection?

  • Click My collections
  • Click the three dots
  • Edit
  • Scroll down and click Delete collection

How do you rename a collection?

  • Click My collections
  • Click the three dots
  • Edit
  • Change the name

How do you hide a collection?

You can hide the collection on your profile page.

  • Click the three dots.
  • Select hide.

Can you sell on OpenSea for free?
You can sell without gas fee if you list your NFT on Polygon instead of Ethereum.

On Ethereum the seller does not pay gas fees on sales with:

  • Time-based auctions with lowering price
  • Fixed-price sales.

How does OpenSea make money?

OpenSea charges a 2.5% fee on all sales.

Does OpenSea take a fee?
Yes. 2.5% on every sale. Auction with highest bidder also has a gas fee (on Ethereum) for the seller.

What is a gas fee?
Gas fee means transaction fee on Ethereum. It’s the cost paid to miners to validate transactions and keep the network secure. Gas fees are subject to supply and demand so they fluctuate.


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