What is RUNE token used for?

How Thorchain uses the RUNE token. Thorchain uses Cosmos SDK to enable swaps of coins and tokens between different blockchains.

RUNE token is

The utility and governance token of Thorchain.

RUNE token is used for

  • Liquidity
  • Security (Sybil-resistance)
  • Governance (listing of assets and signalling which assets to discontinue)
  • Incentives (Rewards, Fees, Gas subsidies)

More on this here.

How could value accrue to RUNE token?


  • Swaps are charged both a fixed network fee, as well as a dynamic slip-based fee.

Staking / locking

  • RUNE is the base token and is pooled against every other token. Maximum reward payout is when 2/3 of the pool is RUNE.
  • Bond for node operators.

vs. other projects

  • Thorchain subsidizes gas for node operators and pays them in RUNE.

How Thorchain Works

Thorchain enables swaps of coins and tokens between different blockchains.

  • Thorchain runs on Tendermint and Cosmos SDK.
  • Thorchain uses Proof of stake for consensus.

Thorchain consists of

  • Liquidity providers Paid to provide liquidity – paid from fees
  • Swappers: Trade – Fees
  • Traders Rebalance pools – Fees
  • Node Operators Bond tokens – paid from fees

Overview here and analytics here.

Token issuance

Total supply: 500 000 000 tokens. Vested over 10 years.

  • OP Reserve: 52,500,000
  • Community: 52,000,000
  • Team: 50,000,000
  • Seed: 26,000,000
  • Circulating: 99,052,528
  • Monthly Thornode incentives: 146,964,981
  • Monthly liqudity incentives: 73,482,491

More here.



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