What is the PLS token used for?

How PLS token works. PulseChain is proof of stake blockchain based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine with ERC-20s.

PLS token

PLS is the native and staking token of PulseChain blockchain.

PLS token is used for

  • Network fees
  • Stake and delegate to validators

How could value accrue to PLS token?

Users must acquire the token to trade other assets on the chain.


  • Transactions


  • Staking

What is PulseChain?

PulseChain is proof of stake blockchain based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

How the protocol works

PulseChain features the Ethereum state which gives holders of NFTs and ERC-20 tokens equivalent tokens on PulseChain.


  • Proof of stake
  • Delegate tokens to earn rewards
  • 0% inflation


  • PLS will also be airdropped 1:1 to ETH holders.
  • Anyone can sacrifice several different tokens to support Sens foundation.
  • The people who have sacrificed will receive 10,000 sacrifice points at a rate of $1 – $2.5 during 14 days.
  • A genesis address gets 1% of supply

Pulsechain has no inflation and validators only earn from network fees. 25% of the fees are burned to reduced circulating supply.

PLS Tokenomics

Total supply: Atleast at few trillion tokens (might be a lot more). Total value sacrificed x 10000 – 4000 + Bonus rewards (x1 – x1.75)

Ethereum Sacrifice contract address

Inflation: 0%
Airdrop: ETH supply x 10 000

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