What is the NEER Token used for?

How the NEER token is used. Bit Country Pioneer Network is the Metaverse portal of Kusama. Create a metaverse without coding.

What is NEER Token?

NEER is the native token of Bit Country Pioneer blockchain on Kusama.

NEER token is used for:

  • Fees on the network
  • Bidding on land
  • Minting assets

What is Pioneer network?

Bit Country Pioneer network is the Metaverse portal of Kusama. Where creators can make their metaverse with play to earn games, NFTs and 3D assets without coding.

How does Pioneer work?

To create their own metaverse users need to own atleast one LAND plot and some NEER to pay the gas fee.

The in-game currency is called BIT.


You can mine BIT by staking land or by completing tasks or completing challenges in the games.


  • Base material for building on your land.
  • Power energize items
  • Upgrade metaverse level (higher mining power)


Staking NEER to your land yields BIT.

Tokenomics NEER token

Total supply: 100 000 000


  • Crowdloan – 15% (30% at TGE, 70% 12 months vest)
  • Founders – 20% (18 months lock TGE, 100% linear 24 months.
  • Seed – 17.51% (12 months lock at TGE, 100% linear 24 months)
  • Ecosystem — 5% (Advisor 18 months lock at TGE, linear 24 months)
  • Private investors – 7.49%
  • Public sales – 8% (Nov 2021)
  • Treasury Reserve – 27%


Pioneer crowdloan is taking place in Oct 2021

Minimum 1 KSM = 68 NEER

  • Total NEER rewards / total KSM contribution
  • Landplots
  • +10% first 1000 contributors
  • +2,5% for both referer and referrals

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