What is NDX token used for?

How Indexed Finance uses the NDX token. Indexed Finance is a protocol for passive portfolio management on Ethereum.

What is NDX token?

NDX is the governance token for Indexed Finance.

NDX token is used for

How could NDX token accrue value?

Most governance tokens offer possibilities for cash flows to token holders.


  • 2.5% fees on swaps currently go to liquidity providers. Governance could change or add to this to generate value for token holders.
  • The NDX governor can set an exit fee on the current index pools or any future pools to generate passive revenue for the treasury.

What is Indexed Finance?

A protocol for passive portfolio management on Ethereum.

How Indexed Finance works

Indexed Finance pools don’t just hold assets and rebalance on a set schedule, they are multi-asset AMMs and a fork of the Balancer Pool.


  • More dynamic pool management so that assets can be bound, rebound and reweighed gradually.
  • Tokens are weighted by the square root of their market cap.

Indexed Pools can

  • Rebalance through swaps on Balancer.
  • Generate fees through swaps

Current Pools

Cryptocurrency 10 Pool
DeFi5 Pool

Governance is responsible for

  • Upgrading
  • Deploying pools.
  • Managing the token categories
  • Approving pool controllers
  • Swap fees.

More here.

Walkthrough on how to use Indexed can be found here.

Token issuance

Max initial supply: 10 000 000

  • 20% Team, Investors (non-specified vesting)
  • 5% Keepers to trigger oracle
  • 25% Yield farm – NDX or LP tokens
  • 20% Distribution to DeFi users (governance)
  • 30% Treasury

After June 1, 2021 the ability to mint new NDX tokens will be available to the governance organization.



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