What the MKR token is used for

Why MakerDAO needs the MKR token. MakerDAO is a protocol for lending and the DAI stablecoin.

MKR token

MKR is the governance token for MakerDAO.

MKR token is used for

  • Governance of the MakerDAO
  • Recapitalization for the Maker lending vaults.

If the outstanding debt from Maker vaults exceeds a certain level the MKR supply may increase. And MKR will be sold in an auction to recapitalize the system. Makeing MKR holders not take excessive risk with protocol parameters.

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What is MakerDAO

A protocol for:

  • The DAI stablecoin
  • Lending

How MakerDAO works

Users can deposit collateral like ETH or other tokens to mint DAI.

DAI is a stablecoin pegged to $1.

  • If the value of collateral in a vault goes below a threshold the collateral is sold for DAI to cover the outstanding DAI and stability fee.
  • If not enough DAI is raised in the auction the protocol looks to the Maker buffer (generated by stability fees) to cover any remaining debt.
  • If there’s still debt remaining then MKR is created by the protocol and sold for DAI to cover the debt.

Through governance MKR holders determine the different protocol parameters and ratios.

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MKR token issuance

Total supply: 1,005,576 MKR





MKR price


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