Metamask chrome extension installation guide

Step-by-step guide for installing Metamask chrome extension. Metamask is the gateway to Ethereum and other smart contract blockchains.

Step-by-step guide on how to Install Metamask in Chrome. And create a wallet at the same time.

metamask chrome
  • Search for Metamask.
  • Make sure you click the correct plugin (plugin site, top plugin, amount of installs and reviews).
metamask chrome wallet

  • Add to Chrome.
metamask extension
chrome metamask
  • Sharing data is not really the spirit of crypto.
  • Choose a password (multiple characters – one that you don’t use anywhere else)

You can chose to not reveal you seed phrase and just store the file.

Potential problems

  • Keeping it on a computer or anything connected to the internet is not great.
  • Revealing it could expose it if your computer is hacked.

Your seed phrase is the master key of your wallet. It can be used to recreate the wallet and any account you have created with it.

  • Either write it down
  • Write it down in parts and spread it to different locations.
  • And/or memorize it.

This is the power of cryptocurrency. You can store all your money in your head. If you remember twelve consecutive words.

  • Click the words in the correct order
  • Congrats. You now have Metamask chrome extension installed.

We noticed it doesn’t show as an extension right away. To reveal Metamask in chrome:

  • Click the puzzle piece.
  • Click Pin.

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