What is MAL token used for?

How the MAL token is used. Maladex is a decentralized exchange on Cardano with several novel features.

What is the MAL token?

MAL is the utility token of Maladex.

What is the MAL token used for?

  • Yield farm
  • Locking for advanced features
  • Lottery & Burn
  • Staking to earn more tokens

What is Maladex?

Maladex is a decentralized exchange on Cardano.

How does Maladex work?

Maladex is a DEX with several novel features.

  • Concentrated liquidity like Uniswap V3 and advice on the most profitable pairs to supply liquidity to.
  • Eliminate impermanent loss.
  • DCA – Ability to buy a certain token over a period of time
  • A EUTxO approach to the concurrency issue on Cardano.

Going forward it is also looking to implement derivatives, synthetics and lots of other tools featured in the roadmap.


There is currently an ISPO for MAL tokens. Where ADA holders can delegate their tokens to the MAL pool to earn tokens.

  • Going forward the team will implement a 5% fee pool with 5x increased token rewards
  • And a 100% fee pool with a 100x increased token rewards.

The DEX is set to launch at the end of 2021.

MAL Tokenomics

Total supply: 42 000 000


  • 40% – Platform rewards
  • 25% – IFO
  • 5% – Private sale
  • 20% – Team (4% per year)
  • 5% – ISPO
  • 5% – Airdrops


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