What is the GDL token used for in Gondola Finance?

The GDL token

GDL is the governance token for Gondola Finance.

GDL token is used for

  • Liquidity mining
  • Governance (coming)

What is Gondola Finance?

Gondola is a fork of Saddle Finance (which is similar to Curve Finance) and an AMM for stablecoins and other assets. Gondola uses the Avalanche blockchain.

In Gondola liquidity providers can deposit tokens in pools to earn fees and farm GDL tokens.

Users can swap tokens in these pools.


Users can stake GDL to earn more GDL tokens. Without the need to LP in a pool.

The largest pools for liquidity mining are:

300M tokens in total.

  • GDL Single-sided staking – 20%
  • Pangolin AVAX/GDL – 30%
  • Zero ZERO/GDL pool – 30%

Early users can claim an airdrop of tokens. Check your eligibility here.

GDL Tokenomics

Total supply: 500 0000


  • 60% – Liquidity mining
  • 10% – Ecosystem reserve
  • 10% – Developer fund
  • 5% – Airdrop to early users
  • 5% – Marketing

Tokens are released over 8 months.

Developer funds are locked for 6 months.


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