What is DORA token used for?

Dora Project is a project for DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure. DORA exists on Polkadot, Ethereum and BSC via a virtual bridge.

What is DORA

The governance and utility token of Dora Factory.

DORA token is used for


  • Stake
  • Mine
  • Pay for services/products within the ecosystem


  • Developers are incentivized with DORA tokens. Developers create pallets (modules for DAOS) and get tokens when DAOs use them.

Validators and nominators

  • Are rewarded with new tokens from inflation. 2% of inflation to a Treasury.


  • The governance DAO is a DAO of all token holders. The council is the core development team that is responsible for the project’s roadmap until Sudo is removed.

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How could value accrue to DORA token


  • To create a DAO a user needs to stake 100 tokens


  • From users as a fee for using the network, and then distributed to these validators and nominators, proportionate to their work performed.

What is Dora Factory?

The project is DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure. It will launch on Polkadot, Ethereum and BSC via a virtual bridge.

How it works


  • Vaults
  • Polkadot – Pallets for functionalities
  • ETH – Individual and customizable smart contracts

DAO stakeholders

  • Manage assets

Default functions of a DAO:

  • Create DAO
  • Release DAO
  • Cross-chain Asset Vaults
  • Staking, Tax and Reward
  • Payment
  • Protocol Level Governance

Token issuance

Total Supply: 10,000,000

  • The inflation is 10% per year.

DORA token sale price

Price: $10 per DORA

Starting time: March 22nd 6AM (UTC+0), 2021

Dora IDO took place on Bounce platform.

Allocation per address: 50 USDT

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