What is DONUT token used for?

DONUT token is

Donut is the dedicated token for the r/ethtrader subreddit.

It’s a governance and utility ERC-20 Token. Governance is run through Aragon.

It’s one of the early experiments of connecting a token with a subreddit.

DONUT is used for

Why would value accrue to DONUT?

  • Cashflow from advertising in the subreddit.
  • Cashflow from buying perks in the subreddit.

An extensive article can be found here.

Potential Value generation

  • Meme factor
  • Has an audience
  • Many people get a bag for free.

Buying banner space

  • The advertiser chooses a price to pay for the day.
  • The advertiser pays the same amount in tax per day.
  • Anyone can outbid the advertiser to take the banner.

Read more here.

Token issuance

100 000 000 was the starting issuance distributed in relation to accumulated karma in the subreddit.

The total supply of Donut is 96,290,129.64246527 and inflating 2M per week.

  • 85 % contributors
  • 10 % community fund
  • 5 % Moderators

DONUT price


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