What is the DTH token used for?

A simple explanation of how Dether (DTH) works. DTH is an ERC223-token on Ethereum for cash to cryptocurrency transfer.

DTH token

Holders of DTH can claim a zone in the real world by staking the highest amount of DTH for that zone.

The owner of the zone is the only one shown as a crypto to cash in/out-point in the Dether app.

The owner of the zone can charge fees for transactions and charge people that also want to be shown as merchants in that area.


Every 24h 0.04% (around 15% annually) of what you staked will be sent to the TaxCollector.sol contract, and be either burnt or sent to a developer funds.

Bid for zone

Anyone can open a bid by staking more DTH than a Teller, you will have 24h to add more DTH to stay the owner. When opening a bid, a bidder need to pay an entry fees of 1% of his stake, this entry fees is sent to the TaxCollector contract. The entry fees is here to avoid anyone spamming the network.

Token Incentive

– Add a crypto-to-cash onramps/offramps and charge fees on transactions.

Charge fees for anyone that wants to be a crypto-to-cash onramp/offramp in the zone.

Define the license price for a shop that wants to be shown in the zone.

Zone: A square of approximately (1.22km×0.61km).
Teller: The owner of a Zone.
Shops: By paying a fee to the Teller they can have their physical shop shown in the zone. And can sell goods in exchange for cryptocurrency.

What’s the narrative?

  • Onboarding unbanked to crypto.
  • Route around exchanges with high fees.
  • Good for privacy.

Token allocation

Dether had an ICO in 2018.

  • 100 000 000 Tokens Total
  • 66 000 000 Crowdsale
  • 34 000 000 Team and other

ICO median price: $0.203



Dether app

Users can contact each other via their ETH address or Telegram. The transaction does not have to go through the network/app and you can use a different ETH address. The app is installed through their website and not via the App Store or Google Play.

The protocol

Dether is also meant to be used as a protocol of merchants and zones to build on top of. It can be used to power wallets, dapps, really anything that can benefit from a network of crypto buyers and sellers.

DTH price


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