What is the CRO coin used for?

How CRO coin is used in crypto.com. Crypto.com is an ecosystem developed to provide services for crypto adoption.

What is CRO coin?

CRO is the native utility coin of crypto.com. CRO powers the overall Crypto.com ecosystem, across payment, trading and financial services.

What is CRO coin used for?

Crypto.com Pay & Chain

  • Stake CRO as validator on the Crypto.com Chain and earn fees on the network.
  • Earn up to 20% cash back paying merchants online and offline.

Crypto.com APP

  • Receive token rewards for selected token listings on the Crypto.com App based on CRO token staked in app.

Crypto.com Exchange

  • Stake CRO and earn up to 10% p.a. on Crypto.com exchange.
  • Get discounted trading fees when staking & paying with CRO on Crypto.com exchange.

Crypto.com Earn

  • Get better interest rate with CRO tokens staked of up to 12% p.a.

Crypto.com Credit

  • Lower annual interest rate (APR) at 8%.

What is crypto.com?

Crypto.com an ecosystem developed to tackle the challenges in crypto adoption.

  • Payments (Crypto.com Pay, Visa Card).
  • Trading (Crypto.com App, Crypto.com Exchange). 
  • Financial services (Decentralized Finance Products, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit).

Cronos (Crypto.com chain)

Cronos is an EVM compatible chain that runs on Ethermint. It makes it possible to easily bridge and port projects from Ethereum and EVM compatible chains.

Cronos is launching on Oct 18, 2021.


  • Designed for mobile payments.
  • Runs on Tendermint Core BFT.
  • 1 second finality
  • POS / POA
  • Low-cost
  • Open-source

More in whitepaper or docs.

CRO coin issuance

Total supply: 100 000 000 000

  • 10% for Community development (10 Billion CRO).
  • 30% for Secondary distribution & Launch Incentives (30 Billion CRO).
  • 20% Network Long-term Incentives (20 Billion CRO).
  • 20% Capital Reserve (20 Billion CRO).
  • 20% Ecosystem Grants (20 Billion CRO).

Both the wallets for Capital Reserve and Network Long-Term Incentives will be frozen for 3 years (until November 7th, 2022). The wallet for Ecosystem Grant will be frozen until the launch of Crypto.com Chain Mainnet.

The wallet for secondary distribution and launch incentives has 30% of the total CRO supply. This wallet will receive a daily token supply through a smart contract starting from Nov 14, 2018. The total duration of this distribution is 5 years.


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