CORE token use in cVault finance

What the CORE token is used for. cVault finance is a decentralized protocol for yield farming.

CORE token

CORE is the governance token for cVault finance.

CORE token is used for

  • Governance of the cVault
  • Initial liquidity mining

What is cVault finance and CORE?

cVault finance is a decentralized protocol for yield farming. Farming strategies are proposed and voted on by governance.
It aims to address some problem with farming tokens where the constant inflation dilutes the value of the token.

Holders and farmers earn from

  • 1% fee on CORE transfers (7% of that to devs).
  • Yield from farming strategies
  • 5 % of the yield is used to market buy CORE.

Locked liquidity

  • Tokens staked in cVault cannot be removed and a transfer must be approved by cVault smart contracts through governance.
  • ETH provided in cVault is matched in a CORE/ETH Uniswap pool.
  • This creates a price floor for CORE.

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Token issuance

Max supply: 10 0000

What’s the story?

  • Farming token with incentives to keep the token price high
  • Locked liquidity
  • Decentralized farming protocol


CORE token price


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