What is ANT token used for?

A simple explanation of the Aragon Network token. Aragon is a platform where anyone can easily create a DAO.

What is ANT?

ANT is the governance token for the Aragon Ecosystem.

In order to submit a governance proposal to the Aragon Network you need 1000 ANT.

What is ANT used for?

Read more about the move from Aragon court and Aragon chain here.

Why would value accrue to ANT?

Governance tokens offer a potential of current and future cashflows to tokenholders.

  • In order to earn fees as an arbitrator in Aragon users would have to buy and stake ANT.
  • Fees from all services developed on top of Aragon.
  • Accrue Value from bonded tokens.

Potential value generation

  • A better way to structure companies and organizations.
  • New models for transparent fundraising, memberships and other things.
  • Global and made for the internet age.

What is Aragon Network?

Aragon network is a framework of smart contracts and a platform where anyone can easily create a DAO with different properties.

ANT and bonded tokens

A bonding curve is a smart contract that bonds two tokens together. The smart contract is an automated market maker that provides pricing and liquidity for the bonded token.

Here’s a simple video explanation on bonding curves.

Bonding curves is quite a complex subject and it can be applied in several different ways.


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Total Supply

Total Supply: 39 609 523

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