What is the ALPHA token used for?

ALPHA token

The ALPHA token is the governance token of Alpha Finance ecosystem.

ALPHA is used for

  • Governance (currently on snapshot on BSC or ETH).
  • Yield farm

Possible future use-cases

  • Staking for product fees
  • Tokenholders get more functionalities in Alpha products
  • Stake for interoperability features among Alpha products

How could value accrue to ALPHA?

Governance tokens usually offer potential cash flows. Alpha could implement fees and current and future products.

What is Alpha Homora?

It’s a multichain DeFi platform for lending and leveraged yield farming. Partnered with the larger yearn.finance ecosystem.

How Alpha Homora works

Alpha Homora consists of lenders, yield farmers, liquidators and bounty hunters:

  • Lenders receive interest-bearing, tradable ibETH in exchange for ETH.
  • Yield farmers borrow from the Alpha Homora Bank to farm UniSwap liquidity pools at a leveraged position of up to 2.5x.
  • Liquidators liquidate the positions of yield farmers if they fall below 80% solvency on Uniswap or 60% on IndexCoop. For this, they earn 5% of the final value.
  • Bounty hunters can sell all farmed tokens in their Alpha Homora portfolio for ETH, then reinvest into the farming pool for a bonus equal to 3% of the total reward.

More here.

Token issuance

  • Team and advisors: 15%
  • Liquidity mining: 20%
  • Private sale: 13%
  • Launchpad: 10%
  • Lauchpool: 5%
  • Ecosystem: 36.67%

Private Sale price: 0.0125
Private sale raised: 1.67MM USD 
Binance Launchpad Sale Price: 0.02 USD
Binance Launchpad amount: 2.00MM USD

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